Lauren is a watercolorist and Signature Member as well as the Membership Director of the Vermont Watercolor Society.  She is also a member of the Essex Art League and the South End Artists Association. She spent the last 30 years in public education and now is the Executive Director of a non-profit educational service agency in the Burlington, Vermont area.  She loves to paint whenever she can, either in her studio or plein air.


Lauren returned to art in February 2015 (having studied fine art in college) and tried watercolor for the first time.  Her work includes Vermont and Virginia landscapes and streetscapes. In January 2017, she created some politiscapes that have become part of the political activist campaign for Emerge Vermont. These paintings are sold online, in a local Waterbury art store (Stowe Street Cafe) and Birdfolk Collaborative in Winooski and were displayed with SEABA exhibit #VermontStandsWith in Burlington, VT.  Her work has been in shows throughout Vermont.

Lauren Wooden Watercolors

E-mail:  laurenmwooden@gmail.com

Phone: 802-309-9265