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Painting Flowers

I loved getting my flowers finally into our pots on the patio and we even planted some plants at the cabin.  Ever since my sister sent me a photo of her azaleas in Georgia - a while ago,  I was itching to see those signs of spring in Vermont.

The cascading azalea bush she shared was so pretty that I decided to try to paint it.  I am looking to soften my colors; soften the strokes and use more water.... this was the perfect subject to work on that.

There is something about trying to draw each petal and then realizing that we don't 'see' those petals, we see the cascade, and so i decided that I would let go and try to capture the feeling of spring through color, flicking pollen, a light touch.  

Maybe I don't hate painting flowers as much as I thought.  I'll try again soon.

- Lauren

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