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Week 1: Mount Mansfield - Using an Etude

So happy to be starting a new 6 week watercolor class with Jackie Mangione - this time, my art studio partner, Fran, is taking it with me.  Perfect!  We started this week working on Mount Mansfield.  This is perfect for me as I have been practicing the Green Mountains a lot and could use the help!  

We started by doing just the mountainscape (an etude of the full painting, after her demonstration.  From there we copied her demonstration painting.  Then at home we took the etude and added our own foreground. So my homework is below.

Next week will be Camels Hump - wet on wet.  I'm thrilled.  Working on that to eventually give to Kate. I'm not satisfied where I am at with that.

My etude is left,  Jackie's demo in the middle, then my panoramic view of Camels Hump - which I've done a few rounds on.  Looking forward to Thursday! 

- Lauren

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