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Chace Mill - across the river.... my daily view

I have lived in Winooski on the River Walk for four years now, and have looked across at the Chace Mill nearly every day because of that.  The river/falls are so captivating that I typically stare at the water and cascading rocks... but across the river is this old cotton mill that can be lit up at sunset to a brilliant orange.  

We walk over now and again, and it is a very cool building filled with history as one of the old mills that run along the Winooski River.  A three-story, 34-bay brick-built mill built on the site of a previous mill. Water for the waterwheel entered through two head gates connected to the upper dam. One gate opened to the working wheel, while the other lead to the wheel pit of a former wheel, a wallower passes the rotary motion to each floor, which contain line shafts. The mill was built by the Burlington Mill Company in 1892, and changed its name when it was purchased by the Chace Mills of Fall River in 1912. (Wikipedia) Winooski is rich in history and I will attempt to paint some of the beautiful old buildings that have been or are in the process of being renewed.

- Lauren

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