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Pandemic Journaling - a way to daily paint and think of other things than the world around us!

There are plenty more of these pages from the many months of staying at home and escaping the crazy news by painting in journals. This is an example of what I worked on. It might have been a place I visited, something in the house, a sketch in anticipation of a painting, or a sketch from an online course I am taking.

Whatever the subject, I had fun creating a journal of paintings and a marker in time of the effects of the virus as the months ticked on. Had I not just spent months with limited access due to ankle surgery, I might have relished the solitude or extra time to be inside. However, combined, it was a bit tedious and as fall now again approaches, we continue to mask, distance and spend time at home. We are slightly better off than the rest of the country in Vermont, our case count far lower than most, but still cautious. I figure if I don't improve my watercolor craft at this stage, I'll never do it. So I practice skies, fog, really trying to loosen up.

I remember when I had been painting a year or two and was pretty pitiful and then took a weeklong plein air workshop with my sister, where I painted daily from 9 to 4 for five days straight, it was a turning point. After that, it all felt different. I had created some habits and techniques that gave me a push out of beginner.

Now, I am painting daily, albeit only in a journal and quickly, but interspersed with an online year long course with a mentor/artist who checks in regularly and gives excellent feedback. This, combined with the paintings that are generated from that - mostly on weekends, and the commitment to seeing it through, have given me the push to do better again. Stay tuned.

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