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The Broken Ankle Interlude

Almost 6 weeks ago, a month into our new home with its lovely staircases, I was setting up my studio upstairs, and hopped down to the front door to get a package. It was getting dark out, but I decided not to bother to turn on the light and just head on down. I thought I was on the landing, but there was still a step to go, and in that instant I gave myself months of recuperation and surgery. One step and boom! Snapped fibula, broken ankle - no walking, no driving, no fun.

I had already taken a good break from painting, after tearing down my old studio and packing everything up. Packing and moving and working was all I could fit in. But, with the fall, the leg up on a pillow and wheeling around on my knee scooter, sitting to paint has not been high on the priority list. My moving break turned into the entire fall without art. I was spending my energy working from home and healing. So many friends had brought flowers and gifts, that my first attempt to paint again, was for cards to thank them.

It was pretty hard to do this from the couch and a little nerve-wracking (new couch) but it was at least an attempt. I still have a limited amount of time I can comfortably sit at a desk long enough to do a painting, but I am starting to practice again and with the holidays upon us, I have some time to do it.

I hope that the creativity comes a little more easily with a little more practice.

So far, I'm starting small - this quick paint is of the back of our home, where the snow is sprinkled over the natural rock wall. Looking forward to spending time on new endeavors.

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