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The VWS Workshop that Changed My Work

I definitely have to start reflecting more on my painting!  It's been a year since I wrote in this blog and that just shows you what a busy life can do.  We are planning a home move in the next two months, I am moving my business in the next month and my studio space will be incorporated into the new home rather than a separate location, which should hopefully make it easier to do all things art in my open time.

This June, the Vermont Watercolor Society brought in Andy Evanson for a week-long workshop at The Landgrove Inn.  I had never done one of our place-based workshops, and so I decided it was time to do it.  Great idea!  Lovely little Inn, met wonderful talented fellow artists, had a great art friend, Elaine who came from Maine to take it also.  Andy is an amazing world-renowned painter -this I already knew.  But he was also an AMAZING teacher. The process he uses to create his masterpieces was very well defined. He was great at breaking it down, at making it fun, and was really a part of our group.  We painted together, we ate together, he was more into 'our work' than his own.  He was a true teacher.  

There were so many things I could hear him say in my head after leaving that I want to remember. "Keep reloading your brush" was one that is not coming naturally to me.

We worked on so many Value Studies.  I've always seen them as a waste of painting time.  I realized that the process was incredibly valuable.  I've started incorporating that more and more and some of his were worthy of framing.  I think some were purchased while we were there!

The Landgrove was such a fun experience.  I don't recommend going for the 'economy room' where you share a bathroom.  For a little more, I would have preferred the upgraded experience.  The food was good, the innkeepers very kind and people come from all over to participate - we had international artists among us.

Andy Evanson is amazing. You will learn so much if you take one of his workshops. 

- Lauren

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