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Long time; no see!

A lot has happened since Sept. 2020 - Just under 3 years! The pandemic lasted so much longer than any of us anticipated. In terms of art, I used this time to work on skills, when I wasn't busy with life and other things. I took a year-long mentorship art class with Andy Evansen. I took multiple workshops virtually. I dove into some master watercolorists' work and did some copying to try to loosen up my skills and match their color palettes. But there were long stretches of no art. That really took its toll on my work. Not only the amount I painted but the quality of the painting. It is more than time to return to a more consistent pace and re-create the habits that have gone by the wayside.

In between the gap, my daughter got married and we had lots of planning and fun with that. We also had come multiple times to our cabin over the course of isolation and so were loving Virginia and looking forward to eventually moving down after retirement. Well, I didn't retire, but we got an amazing offer on our home in Vermont that would allow us to get a beautiful home near Charlottesville on the water and I was able to work out an arrangement where I would travel to Vermont monthly for events and necessary work and actually reside in Virginia. That required 3 closings in 11 days (selling our VT home, our cabin in Va and buying our house at the lake in Virginia). Lots of packing, sorting, closings, unpacking. I didn't know where half my art materials were for quite a while. I now have a home office and studio combination that is wonderful and I am working on getting back into the groove. I think I will probably need to take another course or workshop before long to get the juices flowing more consistently. I hope all is well on your end, and I uploaded some paintings from the past couple years into the gallery.

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I love that painting of Marty!

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