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Finding a Niche

Recently, I was asked to contribute a painting to a charity auction.  I had done this Charlottesville mountain/sky painting and everyone loved it.  WIthout enough time to create a new one and wanting to keep the better of the two I had done, I matted and framed the other and put it in the auction.

Apparently, it was very popular.  Highest bid, etc. popular.  I think I must have found my painting niche.  

So after that I was asked to paint another for a soon-to-be married couple who are friends of a relative and who didn't have the winning bid at the auction.  It is a surprise wedding present for them.  

So - this painting is the one I did for them.  I've also included the two I did before it.  The first is the auctioned piece, the second is the one I am keeping.  I have to start doing different paintings while keeping the same concept - I think the layers, colors and peaceful feeling all add to the style I am trying to maintain.  Now that I had looked at all three - maybe I should add a little more color to the 'gift' so it has that same feeling?

- Lauren

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