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Rub Out!

Much acclaimed artist and teacher, Donna Thomas, conducted a one day workshop on Imprimatura painting in oil using a technique she calls, Rub Out!!.   This workshop was fascinating and afforded me the opportunity to create paintings with depth, value, and drama.  

Imprimatura is a technique which uses an initial very dark stain color and then establishes areas of light and dark for immediate value references.  Rub Out is an additive/subtractive technique in which the artist actually takes away paint using a solvent, to subtract color in stages, pulling/wiping out paint which develops a composition with value (light and dark) to the originally dark plain canvas.  It is a way of creating a painting, which although monochromatic, uses the removal of paint rather than the addition of paint to create a dramatic painting. 

Below are the three paintings I completed from her workshop in October, 2016. 

I LOVE this method of painting!! All paintings below were done in oil, with the solvent being Gamsol, to Rub Out the dark originally painted canvas.  I wanted to create a totally original piece immediately to practice these newly learned skills.  At top right is my painting titled "All in a Day's Work", professionally framed by Jay David, fellow artist, at Black Dog Studios .

- Janet

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