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The Shenandoah Valley from our Greene County, Virginia

We have been traveling back and forth to Virginia ever since we bought our little cabin.  Each time, I see these beautiful mountain vistas, I want to paint them, and with the skies presenting the sun breaking through the clouds, it was time to tackle it. 

The colors I chose represented the soothing calm that I feel whenever I am there.  I had done another version with the sun's rays shining through the clouds that was so dramatic, I felt that a unicorn should have been down in the valley.... So I tried to tone that down a bit in this one!

Actually, this painting was longer, and I ended up cutting off a few inches on the bottom as the foreground I had painted on it added a level of complexity that I thought took away from the clouds and mountains - the true stars of the photo.  I want to go back to this scene again and change it up a bit... for another day.

- Lauren

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