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Watercolor Class #3: Adding Color to Negative Space

This past week, we worked on flower still life using negative space painting. The larger one (bottom right) was what I started in class and finished at home.  Using blue as an accent for white flowers, I feel like I ended up with blue flowers!  I completed this, but didn't like it from the outset.  The top one was really a home practice before the class - seems to have flowers floating - which I am not thrilled with.  The bottom left- probably the most decent looking, was actually just a piece I did at the studio while I was waiting for Howard to pack up - soup to nuts about 35 - 40 minutes.  I like it best.  I barely thought about it - just wanted the flowers to come out whiter.  

What I have discovered, which as an educator, is what I realize about learners in general, is that if you don't really like the learning activity (in this case - flower still life) you probably aren't going to do your best.  I felt that sense of - wow - can't wait to finish this and try to paint something I want to.  Looking forward to this Thursday - as we will be looking at a landscape - and getting to understand stain paints versus wash....

- Lauren

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