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Watercolor Class: Final Week

This last week of class was the most fun of all.  We took a photo and painting that Jackie had done of a barn and used several new strategies into the one piece.  We didn't ever put pencil to paper, but rather using a tinted wash, we painted the barn and side building and then added in our color, darkening with each layer.  I used a sponge on the larger tree leaves which I had never done before.  That was pretty new and fun.

We used a dry brush to create a soft and lush field.  I love the way we added these pieces while leaving white here and there around the painting, especially the edges.  I think I would have left more white for framing in a future piece - I have to start loving the white.

Jackie's class taught me a lot about watercolor.  Her demonstrations and feedback really got me out of laying paint on and more about using the water to let the paint flow where it needs to go. Loved it.  She is planning another class at Shelburne Art School this spring that will continue for folks who have already started watercolor.  I'm there! 

- Lauren

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