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Watercolor Class Week 5: Composition

Flowers this week!  Not my favorite subject, but it was fun to get watery and play with different effects like layering, glazing and flick dots (I am sure there is a more technical term for that!).

Everyone in the class is growing in artistic ways and using some time while there to ask specific questions about what we are working on independently.  I have a landscape that is a scene I am looking at right now out my window on the riverwalk - only a better time of year.  I think my plan when I get into the studio will be to look up video tutorials on how to paint moving water. Jackie gave me some great composition ideas - need to crop.  When it is done, I will put it up.  

Well, maybe.  Better wait to see it myself first. Next week is our last class - a piece of our choice. Might be that one. As a beginning watercolor painter, I am having so much fun learning, painting and observing. It almost feels meditative to play with watercolor.  It works so much better when you 'let go' - similar to meditation.

I promised Bill a Green Mountain range in panels - so soon I have to practice that one.  Think I want to get a little improvement in my techniques first - as the hope would be it will end up on his wall.  

- Lauren

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