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Watercolor Exploration Day 5 - Lake Champlain Yacht Club

Last day of a fabulous week with Joel Popadics!  We managed to make it through the week without rain - although it was threatening on this last day - we ended at noon and made it!  So here we are at Lake Champlain Yacht Club setting up for the morning.  This was the how do you paint a boat day and make sure you have that Magic Erase for the masts!  

There were many, many boats to choose from - you could barely see the water.  So we were all deleting some of the scene from our paintings and paying careful attention to the instruction... about the boats. Joel has books on boats and actually teaches you about the parts of the boat so you have a better sense of what you are painting.  As painters, we frequently paint the whole boat including the part that should be under water--- a good reminder.

This was my boat scene.  I took what I learned and dragged all my stuff to North Beach and tried it again there.  That is the next pic.  

Hopefully, soon, I can upload pix from Janet - she nailed this!

- Lauren

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