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Week 2: Wet on Wet - Camels Hump

Our second class in Watercolor II was perfect for me as I have been trying to master the 'hump' for quite a while.  Not that I have done it, but the practice was perfect.  Loved going looser.    Added in more after it was dry (as it always is a few days before I can paint after class and it still worked fine, which was a surprise.  Nothing better than Arches 140# cold press paper to give you good mixes.

The second one was fun too.  The photos we do these from are pretty basic - which means you have to go into your imagination to make them look good.  That is a good exercise for me.

I'll attach the photos that we had to work from as well as the demo that Jackie did.  Looking forward to next week - using masking fluid.  I've done it, but would love to see it done well.

- Lauren

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