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Week 4: Wet on Wet - Flowers & Landscapes

This was a week that we worked on some flowers in class and then our homework was this landscape from a photo we were given.  

I'm finding that flowers that aren't part of a scene are not a big draw for me - yet when I see them in others' work I can certainly appreciate them.    Give me a landscape any day.

I ended up rushing this one for homework as I left it til after work during the week - and walked home from the studio afterward - giving me about 2 hours soup to nuts.  still, I hope to do more similar to this.  The challenge was the tilled field really looks like a dirt road  My husband told me it is definitely not a tilled field.  I have to admit - it looks like that to me, too!  

Finally, Jackie suggested we see if we can put in a painting or two into an upcoming show about walkable and bikeable communities.  So - I painted Howard and Lou on the bikepath from this weekend, and also suggested a Winooski Rotary walking painting.  Will let you know if either make it!

- Lauren

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