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Week 5: Layered Landscapes

Well - this is a bit late getting onto the site!  We had a lovely set of paintings that Jackie had done using a layering technique of adding depth, as well as doing multiple renditions of certain parts of the painting to get it just right.

I, on the other hand, did one rendition as I was away last weekend and didn't get to this until after work on Tuesday.  I like parts of it - but went way too dark and will probably do it again to bring the layers out more clearly.

Instead of the yert in the model, I went with the cabin that we are hoping to buy in Virginia - near our daughter's school where she teaches. The surroundings of Green Mountain Lake in Virginia look nothing like this, but it was fun to play with it anyway!  I will add the display we were using as a guide.  We already had the following class and I still need to finish that painting - so will do that tomorrow and post again.  Life got busy.

- Lauren

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