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Week 6: Lake Champlain - Painting Loose

We had our last painting session - and it was bittersweet for me.  I always learn a lot and find more time to paint when I am in a class.  Next painting experience for me will be in July for a half day workshop on The Magic of Leaving White Paper with artist Tom Lynch.

Then in August, my sister will come up from Georgia and we are both doing a week-long plein air Watercolor experience around Shelburne, Vermont sites with artist, Joel Popadics.  Very excited for this one for many reasons!

This last (week 6) painting was a quick one - and while I think I am getting skies down pretty well, the water is not as easy.  My husband thinks it feels 'cartoonish' and I get what he means. I decided that I was pretty interested in the layering from the week before and will look at doing that next in a different painting.  The water is something I should practice, but for another time. Perhaps when we go to Shelburne Boatyard with Joel this summer :)  Hopefully, Janet or I will write again soon.  

Next week, I have paintings in a show - for the first time ever -  Art & Soul Show  - so who knows, perhaps I will share some pics from that event.   Here is Jackie's example and a follow-up water painting of mine on the RiverWalk.  

Finally, a friend posted a photo that shows great layers - might try this next.

- Lauren

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