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Arrived! Two Paintings for the Art's Alive Exhibit: #VermontStandsWith

I have two watercolors of the Vermont Women's March that will be on exhibit for the month of April at SEABA's Art's Alive exhibit:  Vermont Stands With: Teaching Tolerance through Art.  The reception is Friday night, April 7 from 5-7 pm at the Main Street Landing Union Station (Waterfront) Burlington.  

Women's March painting
"Arrived!" is my newest politiscape

The most recent is "Arrived!".  The day of the March, the longest part of the day might have been on Rt. 89 with miles and miles of cars trying to get to the Montpelier exit.  It was a festive group, donned in pink, and Howard and I were lucky enough to get off the exit before it was shut down.  We parked so far away, that walking to the start of the march at the high school was clearly the longest stretch to walk.  Arrived depicts when we finally were able to cross the bridge and make our way to the capitol.  We arrived, and apparently so did a lot of other people.  5,000 were expected and as many as 20,000 arrived.  It was such a pendulum swing - to go from the day before seeing a TV reality host get sworn in..... how did that happen?!! to so many fellow citizens making their way together to hear from our leaders and fellow Vermonters that we were not alone.  It helped.

I put a pink tint in the trees to indicate not only the cool of the day but the spirit of the day.  I was so glad to be asked to exhibit and look forward to seeing what other artists have to share.  So, I just framed the two entries (below) and will drop them off Monday.  

- Lauren

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