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Watercolor Exploration Day 3 - Shelburne Farms Old Barns

Well, it has been well over a month since our Watercolor adventure - and a lot has happened since then.  

This third day of that great painting week, Janet and I decided we would get up before dawn and meet the 'early' group at 6 am (OMG) well before the start of the 9 am workshop at the back barns of Shelburne Farms.  It was really, really windy that morning and almost sprinkling, but it was beautiful light and we wanted the experience of plein air painting at dawn.  I have to admit it was the only time I have done it!  The light, the quiet, the shadows, all make it feel special and different.  Loved that.  By afternoon, we were toast.

We painted the landscape and barns in the wee hours and after during the workshop - so we had a few renditions of this section and tragically less than a month later, the barn burned to the ground after standing over a century.  Glad we had the opportunity to capture it while still there; hard to imagine it is gone.

We really worked hard that day to see the colors in the sky beyond blue and white, that is.  Is there yellow? pink? red?  We washed the paper with it - really saturated it.  It dried, subtly, and gave the viewer a good read on time of day.  Shelburne Farms treated us well; we had lunch at the Inn - both days.  It was a beautiful room and it had a/c, which was particularly important the next day- as we were wilting.  The grounds around the Inn are spectacular.  Imagining life there when it was a vacation home is lovely.

- Lauren

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